The following changes were implemented into Navvia effective August 30, 2014.  The list includes minor enhancements and bug fixes to Navvia functions.

  • BugFix
    • ID 757 Correction to allow Navvia Essential users to display the process document for any process in the workspace without requiring them to log off and log back in to clear the process document they had just viewed
    • ID 763 Replacement of the ‘Sublime’ video rendering module to remove a limitation that was blocking some customers from viewing the recorded course information in the Learn module and support portal
  • Enhanced
    • ID 773 Refresh of the ISO 15504 Survey reports with a consistent use of color and tie report selection to survey type. Also includes improved categorization of reports, renaming reports and updating the report descriptions to be more indicative of the report content
    • ID 775 Refresh of the user presentation interface for Surveys to provide a fresh look and the capability for improved screen real-estate utilization