The following changes will be implemented into Navvia effective November 15, 2014.  The list includes minor enhancements and bug fixes to Navvia functions along with an ICAP refresh to some Survey templates.

The ITIL Maturity Assessment Survey templates have been updated to provide a more compatible look and feel when rendered on mobile devices. 

Note: If you have an ITIL Maturity Survey in progress and would like to continue to use the original style templates for consistency please contact us at

  • BugFix
    • ID 755 Removed incorrect 'hoover over' tool tip from Boiler plate text entry fields 
    • ID 770 Corrected incorrect behavior for a session time out that displayed logon screen in a pop-up window
    • ID 772 Corrected the exception when opening the Start/End message for an 'open' survey
    • ID 779 Corrected the exception when attempting to add a empty framework for control objective mapping
    • ID 782 Editing an interprocess connector to change the from task renders correctly and is saved
    • ID 787 Navvia: Corrected automatic insertion of HTML code by Safari and Chrome browsers when editing a rich text field
    • ID 791 Ensure the Project Dashboard report shows progress for only active surveysEnhanced
  • Enhanced
    • ID 714 Minimize the greeting message space on the Navvia Home page.  The welcome message has been removed and will be presented in a pop-up window when you login with the choice to not show the pop-up welcome message at login.
    • ID 768 Ability to display task related Inputs and Outputs at the task detail level in the exported word document