When a user is added to Navvia they are assigned a type.  The User Type assigned dictates what the person is allowed to do within Navvia and whether it counts against the subscription counts.

The Navvia subscription specifies the limit of 'Standard' users (allocated in groups of 10) and affects the price of the subscription.  All other user types are unlimited in number but limited in what they may be allowed to accomplish within Navvia.

The table below lists the types of users and what they may be allowed to do within Navvia.

Standard Users - These users have the ability to edit objects (Processes, Survey Projects, Verify Projects) in Navvia. Typically, most organizations are capped to 10 Standard Users per Navvia license. If you would like to order more Standard User Licenses, please contact support (via a ticket or support@navvia.com)

Basic Users - These users cannot edit anything in Navvia. They can only review things, they have no ability to change anything in Navvia. Your Navvia subscription has an unlimited amount of Basic Users. Basic users also get full access to the Learn Module, and all of the courses (except CBT) that are within Learn.

Essential Users - Like a Basic User, Essential users cannot edit anything in Navvia. What is is different with an Essentials user is that Essentials Users get a simplified UI while in Navvia, as opposed to Basic Users which gets the more advanced full UI of Navvia. 

Permissions and how they work in Navvia

In Navvia, all permissions must be assigned. 

Giving a Standard User UserAdmin access to the workspace will allow them to add/remove/grant permissions to the Workspace, while granting them Editor access will only give them the ability to edit the processes within that workspace, with no ability to do any sort of administration. This is how it works for the Design module and must be done by a workspace to workspace basis by whomever owns the Workspace in question. Basic and Essentials users cannot be granted the roles of UserAdmin or Editor, they can be given Reviewer access. 

It works the nearly same way for the Survey module. Standard Users will need to be added to the Survey module as via Manage Editors which will give them access to all survey projects. Once again, this can only be done for Standard Users. Only Standard Users can be made Survey Editors. 

Verify works nearly identical to Design. Editing access to Verify Instances can only be granted to Standard Users and must be done on an instance to instance basis by whomever owns the Instance in question. Basic and Essentials users can only be given Reviewer access to verify instances.