The following changes were implemented into Navvia on June 6, 2015.  These changes include stability improvements and bug fixes for Navvia


  • Stability
    • ID 883 - Eliminated the abend when attempting to add upload and add a spreadsheet to the TDD
    • ID 884 - Eliminated the abend when using a mass User add that included an already active User
    • ID 887 - Eliminated the abend when attempting to delete a Design Workspace with Social turned on when Collaborate is active for the Customer
    • ID 894  - Eliminated the abend when a Process Name contains invalid filename characters and Navvia generates a filename to export a Document or TDD for the process 
    • BugFix
      • ID 735 - Fixed issue with Audit Page displays locking up if the audit data contained HTML tags
      • ID 886 - Fixed issue encountered by some Internet explorer users hen attempting to view recorded courses in the Learn Module
      • ID 888 - Addressed issue with adding participants to expired Surveys not getting a notification about the Survey