Swim lanes are a popular way to overlay organizational considerations onto your process flow.  The classic version of Navvia required all processes to be rendered using horizontal swim lanes.  The new drag & drop version supports the following options:

  • No swim lanes:  Navvia now allows you to draw flowcharts without the use of swim lanes.  This can be very useful for capturing a simple process, a procedure or even a request flow where an organizational overlay is not required.

  • Horizontal swim lanes:  Best suited for processes that flow from left to right.  BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) typically uses a left to right flow. 

  • Vertical swim lanes:  Best suited for processes that flow from top to bottom.  UML (Unified Modeling Language) typically uses a top to bottom flow.  Vertical swim lanes are also a great way to show change of state in a process, where each column is a state (such as open, work in progress or closed).

The style you chose is often a matter of taste.  You are able to mix and match these options if you desire.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when inserting or moving a swim lane its important you see the red "insertion line".  This line identifies where the lane will be dropped or moved to.  

Video Overview: