The following article and video provides information on how Navvia saves the process diagrams created with the drag & drop interface.

One of the big differences between Navvia's "classic" process designer and the new "drag & drop" is that classic diagrams are created and rendered server side while the new drag & drop diagrams are created on you computer and then saved to the database on the server.  

It is very important you are aware of how Navvia saves drag & drop diagrams so that you do not loose work.

There is also a set of screen shots and descriptions at the end of this article.

Video Demo:

Saving your work:

You know when Navvia is saving your work whenever you see the "busy" indicator in the top right of the Drag & Drop menu bar.  Tip: If you ever seem "locked out" check to see if the busy indicator is on.

NOTE:  Navvia keeps track of what has changed and only saves the changes made to a diagram - this minimizes network traffic.  Nothing gets saved if the diagram hasn't changed.

Navvia saves your diagram whenever: 

  • Clicking on File > Save in the menu

  • Clicking on save in the Toolbar

  • AutoSave Settings:  Go to Options > Autosave to set autosave on or off.  Autosave can be set in increments of 1 minute, from 1-30 minutes.

  • Switching between or moving activities:  Navvia will save your diagram whenever you navigate between activities or re-sequence activities.

  • Navigating away from the flow diagram page:  Whenever you navigate away from the flow diagram page AND you have un-saved work, Navvia will present the following dialog box.  It's important you stay on the page and save your work.