A major performance improvement to Drag and Drop Swimlanes has been implemented as well as  additional stability fixes.

  • TFS1114 - Improved performance working with Horizontal swimlanes
    Working with connected shapes in a swimlane is much faster and better controlled
Stability Improvements:
    • TFS962   - Accidental dragging of shapes outside of the fixed size canvas is prevented
    • TFS1000 - Improved stability with vertical swimlanes
    • TFS1007 - Improved stability handling text boxes
    • TFS1034 - Resizing a shape no longer allows the appearance of spanning lanes
    • TFS1035 - Increasing the height of a lane will no longer push the bottom lane outside the canvas
    • TFS1049 - Improved stability when adjusting lane heights
    • TFS1091 - Connector tool selection shows all node anchors
    • TFS1103 - Improved stability when making very small adjustments to an object or connector segment position