Add a parent organization standard user to a Client organization

Note: only an active User with a Standard license at the Parent organization level can be added to the client organization as a  Standard license user.

To add other users to a client organization you need to have been set as a SysAdmin in the client Organization and to have switched to the client organization.  Once their follow the instructions in the Adding User Names (Userids) article. 


• Client organization Sys Admin 


1. Login to Navvia

2. Select Administration  option from the top-level menu       

3. Select Manage Clients from the second level menu

3.Select the Admin Icon for the client you want to add the parent user to.

4) follow the steps below to add the user to the client.  The user will be added as a Standard License User
     A select Add User to Client to get the pop-up

     B Select the user you wish to add
     C Select the arrow to move the user to the right hand box
     D Once you have all the users you want to add in the right hand box Select Add

All selected users will be added to the client as Standard users.  These users will need to login to the parent organization and use the Client Selection drop down to switch to the client organization