Numerous fields throughout the entire Navvia product can be updated using a Rich-text editor, such as for Questions and Email Messages in Survey and uploading images in the Drag & Drop diagramming.

Click the Image Manager icon  to open the window used to import images into Navvia. Once imported, all images are available to be inserted into any field that uses the rich text editor.

The Image Manager window is divided into three panels: 

• The left panel displays a list of folders and subfolders that can be used to organize all images imported to Navvia. The folders are unique to your instance of Navvia. All imported images can be accessed from anywhere within Navvia. 

• The center panel displays the image files contained within the highlighted folder.

 • The right panel displays a preview of the image. An editor is available to modify the image. 

When an image is selected, it can be inserted into the field.