A Workspace is similar to a folder in which you create processes that you wish to keep separate from other processes. For example, you may wish to have a Development workspace in which you keep processes that are being created. You may then have a Production workspace in which you place your completed processes. Workspaces are permission based and only someone with Sys Admin privileges can create a workspace.

Adding a New Workspace 


Create any number of workspaces. Processes created in a workspace are separate and distinct from processes in other workspaces. 




Sys Admin


1. From the Design Home screen, select New Workspace

2. The following data entry panel appears

3. Enter a unique workspace name in Name 

4. Enter a description of the workspace in Description 

5. Select Social if you use Collaborate and want a group automatically associated 

6. Leave the Active checkbox as is 

7. Click Create


• Userids are uniquely defined to each workspace.

 • When a new workspace is created, new and existing Userids must be granted authority to access and use the workspace. 

• The Sys Admin can add new users to the Organization by going to the Administration screen at the Home page. 

• See Userid Admin section of this manual for instructions on adding Userids. 

• The active checkbox may be de-selected to make the workspace inactive.

Field Label Description Remarks (optional)
Name A unique name for the workspace

Description A detailed description of the workspace  
Social  Checkbox to automatically create and associate a collaboration group  Collaborate must be active for the group to be created
Active Checkbox to specify if the workspace is active or not