Provide the capability to restrict access to Navvia via specific IP addresses.

Each organization can specify a list of IP addresses through which access to their Navvia instance is permitted. Anyone attempting to access Navvia from an IP address not in the list will be blocked.


  • Only specific IP addresses can be added. It is not possible to include a range of addresses
  • Both version 4 and version 6 IP addresses can be specified
  • This function should only be used to access Navvia from networks using Fixed IP addresses


Sys Admin


  1. Contact Navvia Support to have the IP Filtering menu item on the Administration page activated.  (Incorrectly setting IP Filtering can block all access to your Navvia instance)
  2. Select Administration -> IP Filtering from the menu to reveal the IP Address Filtering Administration page
  3. Click on New IP Address action
  4. Enter an IP address along with a description and then click Create.
  5. Click on the “Use My IP Address” button to fill in the IP address currently being used to log into Navvia. This will help ensure a valid IP address is provided to avoid getting locked out.
  6. Repeat the above steps until all required addresses are entered

Log tab

Purpose: Display a log showing the history of changes made to the IP Filtering entries.

Login Activity

Purpose: Display a log showing login activity for the Navvia instance. The list shows the IP addresses that have been used to access Navvia. Any IP address in the list that is not added to the IP filtering page will be blocked from logging into Navvia.


Drag the IP Address column to the header area to group the list by IP Address.