Update configuration settings for the Collaborate module via three tabs: 

  • Collaborate Admin
    • Manage Groups, Hashtags, and People
  • Collaborate Profile
    • Make the Collaborate module available to the organization
    • Enable Navvia Essentials users to use Collaborate
  • Collaborate Audit 
    • Display the complete activity history within the Collaborate module

Collaborate Admin


Manage all elements of the Collaborate Module via the following tabs.


  • To use the Collaborate module, it must be enabled at the organization level and the individual user level.
  • See Collaborate Profile article for details on enabling the organization.


Sys Admin

  • Groups
    • Create and manage Groups of users
    • Messages posted to a Group will be visible only to members of the group
    • Add or remove users to or from a group
  • Hashtags
    • Hashtags are created by simply typing the Hashtag into a message post.
    • Use the “Edit” action to change the spelling of a hashtag. Applies to All instances.
    • Hashtags are used to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords
  • People
    • Search for posts related to a specific individual

Manage Groups

  1. Select Administration -> Collaborate Administration -> Collaborate Admin tab -> Groups from the menu to reveal group management options.
  2. Select New Group action to create a new group.
  3. Click on the ‘Expand Icon +” to reveal group members.
  4. Click on Add User action to add a user to the group.
  5. Select a group and click on the Remove Selected action to remove a user from the group.
  6. Click on the Group Name hyperlink to reveal all messages that have been posted to that group. The messages will appear in the list of posts displayed on the right-hand side of the page.


  • It is not possible to delete a group. Edit the group and clear the active field to inactivate the group.
  • Clicking on the Group’s hyperlink will list all posts that are part of that group in the window on the right half of the page.
  • Messages that are posted to a group are visible only by members of the group.

Manage Hashtag


  1. Select Administration -> Collaborate Administration -> Collaborate Admin tab -> Hashtags from the menu to reveal hashtag management options. 
  2. Click on the Edit icon corresponding to a hashtag.
  3. Update the name of the hashtag.


  • Renaming a hashtag will update all existing posts to the new hashtag value.
  • It is not possible to delete a hashtag.

Manage People


  1. 1. Select Administration -> Collaborate Administration -> Collaborate Admin tab -> People from the menu to reveal hashtag management options.
  2. 2. Enter a value in the filter area to search for a specific user.
  3. 3. Click on the user’s name to display all posts belonging to that individual.


  • Posts cannot be deleted but they can be made inactive.
  • Inactive posts cannot be viewed by Collaborate users.
  • Only User Admins can view inactive posts.
  • Inactive posts can be made active at any time.

Display Posts

Manage post messages displayed after selecting Groups, Hashtags or People. The messages are displayed in the area on the right side of the page.


The following actions can be performed against posted messages.
  • Search
    • Enter text in the search area and click on the magnifying glass icon
    • Click on the "X" to clear search criteria
  • Post Comment
    • Post a comment to the primary message
  • Edit
    • Edit the content of the existing post message
    • Add a URL
    • Activate or deactivate the message. Deactivated messages will be hidden from all users. Post messages cannot be deleted.
  • Deactivate
    • Deactivate the message.
    • Deactivated messages will be hidden from all users.
    • Posted messages cannot be deleted

Collaborate Profile


Configure the Collaborate Module for the organization. The Collaborate module is optional. It can be enabled for the organization. You can choose to allow Navvia Essentials users to use Collaborate.

Choose the desired configuration options on the pop-up window.

Collaborate Audit


Provides a log of all activity related to the Collaborate module. This is intended to be usedto investigate any issues related to the Collaborate module.  The Collaborate Audit tab is one of 3 tabs found within the Collaborate Administration topic within the Administration topic/tab.  It provides a list of Actions taken and shows Old and New Values of the data, who made the Post and when the Post was done (date and time stamp).


Drag a column heading to the area below the tabs to group items by values in thatcolumn (see diagram above).

The result should provide a listing similar to the below example where "New Value" was the column selected for grouping purposes.