View Processes in a Workspace


Provides an overview of how to view and navigate processes.


Previously defined workspaces and processes.


Reviewer, Editor, Workspace User Admin


1.  Select Design from the top-­level menu.

2. To view the processes for a specific workspace, click on the corresponding “Expand” icon.

3. Click on the hyperlink for the process to reveal process details.

1.  The resulting screen shows the initial description of the selected process
2.  The menu shows the elements that represent the components of a process
3.  Enter as much or as little information as required to create a documented process

Manage Profiles


This page is used by the SysAdmin role for the organization to view and manage ALL existing profiles defined within Design.

A profile stores options that control the format and content of the Word document that can be generated for each process.  Options include:
•  Font style and size
•  List numbering
•  Including or omitting sections
•  Adding custom sections
•  Re-­naming section headings

A specific profile can be designated to display the process document within Navvia Essentials.

Previously defined profiles

SysAdmin (Organization level)

Steps to Update Profiles  

1.  Click on the Edit icon   to update a Profile

2. Update all fields

3. Select Update to apply the changes


•  It is not possible to create a new profile from this page.
•  To create a new profile, navigate to an existing workspace and process definition and then select the Profiles and Boilerplate page
•  Only General Options and Section Options can be updated from this page. Boilerplate options must be updated from within a specific process definition on the
Profiles and Boilerplate page.
•  This page is visible only to the SysAdmin role (organization level) 

Field Descriptions

Field Label
Provide a name for the spreadsheet
Describe the purpose for the spreadsheet
Share across Organization
When selected, other users can use this profile
When left blank, only the creator of the profile can use this profile
Navvia Essentials
When selected, this profile will be used to generate the process document that will appear in Navvia Essentials when the Document tab is selected.
NOTE:  Only one profile can be selected for Navvia Essentials at any one time.

Steps to Update Profile Options  

1.  Click on the hyperlink of the profile name to reveal options page

2. Click on the Edit icon to update profile general options

3. Update fields as required

4. Select Update to apply the changes

Field Label
Theme Select a theme from the list.
Each theme represents a combination of font styles and other formatting elements. 
Font Choose a font from the list provided.
Section Numbering Choose whether sections should be numbered.
Margins Choose the margin size.
Display Empty Fields
Empty fields can be displayed or suppressed.  
Displaying empty fields can serve as a reminder that additional details can be included in the process definition.  Suppressing empty fields can simplify the look of the document.
List Numbering Items presented in a list can be numbered, bulleted, lettered or merely listed as is.
State Diagram Layout
Choose the style layout of the State diagram that will appear in the process document.  The same options appear under
Specifications  -­>  States & Triggers  -­> State Diagram page. 
CFFD and State Orientation
Select the orientation for the CFFD and State diagrams included in the process document.  The diagrams can be individually rotated and resized within the exported Word document.  
Table Borders
Toggle to add borders around tables of element values.
Document Logo
Displays the file name of the logo if one was imported.
Upload Document Logo
Click on the field to upload a logo that will appear on the front page of the exported Word document.

Steps to Update Section Options 

1.  Click on the Section Options tab to reveal the list of options

2. Click on the Expand  to reveal nested options

3. Click on the Edit icon to update section option

4. Update fields as required

5. Click on the icon to accept the changes or the  icon to cancel.

Field Descriptions

Field Label
Section Title
Enter a new Title for the section.  The value included here will be displayed as the heading for that section.  
Example:  Entering “Process Metrics” as the section title will replace the default heading of “Metrics”
Show Select the checkbox to include the section in the exported Word document.  
Uncheck the checkbox to omit the section from the exported Word document