Grant or revoke access and roles to Design Workspaces.


  • Active Design Workspace
  • Active Standard User or Basic User


  1. Select Design from the top-level menu to reveal the list of active Workspaces.
  2. Click on the User Administration icon to reveal the Workspace User Administration list.
  3. Click on the Add Users action to reveal the Add Users to Workspace form.

  4. Choose one or more users from the list of active Navvia Users.
  5. Choose one role to assign to all selected users.

  6. Click Add

Design Roles

The following describes the Design Roles that can be granted to Workspace user.

  • Library (Legacy Role)
    • The user can access the Design Library to download any documents posted there  
  • Reviewer
    • The User has read-only access to the contents of the workspace.
      • This is the only role that can be assigned to Basic users and Navvia Essentials users
      • Can be assigned to Standard users.
  • Publisher (Legacy Role)
    • The user can post documents to the Design Library.
  • Editor
    • The user can add and modify any process definition in the workspace.
      • Cannot delete a process.
  • UserAdmin
    • Same as Editor and can also delete a process and grant or revoke workspace access to other users.


  • Basic Users and Navvia Essentials Users can only take on the Reviewer role.
  • Attempting to add Basic or Navvia Essentials with another role will display a message indicating that the role has been overridden to Reviewer.