There are various activities that you may need to accomplish for your responsibilities for a Governance Instance Model. These are accomplished via the “My Instances” Tab on the Verify Home Screen. The “Model” refers to overall setup of the Governance Instance


Admin, Editor, and Reviewer


  1. Selecting a Governance Instance in the Verify Home by clicking on the name of the Governance Instance you want to work on from the “My Instances” Tab.

  2. This will take you to the “Task Definitions” screen under the “Model” category for that Governance Instance.

  3. From here you can work directly on the Task Definitions for that Governance Instance, or by clicking on one of the other Items, work on:
    1. Frameworks
    2. Domains
    3. Regions
    4. Processes
    5. Roles
    6. Control Objectives
    7. Evidence Definitions


  • Frameworks: You can only View Frameworks created by Navvia. You can edit ones created by your organization
  • Domains: Domains copied from a Navvia Template cannot be modified. You can add and modify ones your Organization has added
  • Regions: Optionally used to define regions that can be used to compare compliance across geographical regions, divisions or departments
  • Processes: Can only be viewed
  • Roles: Governance Roles can be added, modified and deleted and are shared across all instances in your organization. Process Roles are only available for 'bound' verify instances and can only be assigned to people. Process Roles can only be modified in the Design module
  • Control Objectives: If the Governance Instance was copied from a Navvia Template, you can only view the Control Objectives. You can add, modify and delete Control Objectives for Governance Instances created by your organization.
  • Task Definitions: You can add, modify and delete Task Definitions
  • Evidence Definitions: You can add, modify and delete Evidence Definitions
  • Task Records: These are created by the Verify Scheduler. They can be modified but not deleted
  • Evidence Records: These are created by the Verify Scheduler. They can be modified but not deleted.