Create regions that can be used to compare compliance across geographical regions, divisions or departments. Defining regions within a Governance Instance is optional.

After regions have been defined, they can be added to any of the Process Roles or Governance Roles. Different users can be assigned to each region for that role. When governance tasks are generated, a unique task will be generated and assigned to each region for the role.


If no regions are defined, only one individual can be assigned to a role and only one governance task will be generated for that role.


  1. Click on the “Regions” link on any screen for a Governance Instance. This will give you a list of all the Regions associated with the Governance Instance

  2. Click on New Region action to open the Region details pop-up window. Provide a name and description.

  3. To edit a Region, click on the Edit  Icon next to a Region name.


After at least one region is added, go to the Roles page to assign regions and assignees to each process role or governance role.