Each process defines at least one role. Each role is assigned to perform specific tasks within the process. The responsibilities of a role are confined to the specific process.  Roles do not imply any functional standing within the hierarchy of an organization. For example, the process manager role does not imply the role is associated with or fulfilled by someone with functional management responsibilities within the organization. Within a specific process, there can be more than one individual associated with a specific role.

Additionally, a single individual can assume more than one role within the process although typically not at the same time. Some roles have common responsibilities across all the processes (e.g. Process Owner). The name should be changed to indicate the appropriate process (i.e. Process Owner should be changed to Incident Process Owner or Change Process Owner).




Editor, Workspace User Admin


1. Click on the Edit icon to update the Role or to create a new one

2. Add or update all fields

3. Select Create or Update to apply the changes



Field Descriptions

  • Name: Provide a brief and meaningful name for this role
  • Description: A detailed description of the role
  • Common: Check if the role is suitable for use by other processes