There are various activities that you may need to accomplish for your responsibilities for a Governance Instance in execution – once tasks are being assigned and acted on. These are accomplished via the “My Instances” Tab on the Verify Home Screen. The “Execute” refers to a Governance Instance that is in operation.


Admin, Editor and Reviewer


  1. Select a Governance Instance from the Verify Home Page by clicking on the name of the Governance Instance you want to work on from the “My Instances” Tab. This will start you off in the “Task Definitions” screen under the “Model” category for that Governance Instance.
  2. Click the “Execute” Link to the right of the “Model” link. You'll see the screen below:

  3. From here you can work immediately on the Tasks that have been issued by the Scheduler, or by clicking on other items, work on:
    1. Evidence Records
    2. Delegation
    3. The Scheduler Log or
    4. Reminder Emails