There may be a need for a person (other than the assignee of the Task) to take action on the Task Record. For example, the assignee may have accidently flagged it as “complete” or “incomplete”, the task may have past its due date and become unavailable to the assignee or it may be required to re-assign it to someone else.


Verify User Admin


Do not confuse working on a Task Record with working on a Task Definition Record. Task Definition Records are the templates that describe the nature of tasks and their frequency. The Scheduler uses Task Definition records to generate individual Tasks.


  1. From the Execute -> Tasks screen, select the Task that you want to take action on by clicking the Edit Icon before the Task.
  2. You will see the Task Record 


You are able to modify the following fields:
  • Status, using the drop-down list
  • Assigned To, using the drop-down list and
  • The journal, which is used to log informational comments, or to request actions of the user
You can also use the Expand Icon before the Task to see a list of the Evidence Records associated with that Task.