There may be a need for a person (other than the assignee of an Evidence Record) to take action on the Evidence Record. For example, the assignee may have accidently flagged it as “complete” or “incomplete”, have forgotten to attach a document, or there may be additional notes to be added after they have closed it.


Admin, editor


Do not confuse working on an Evidence Record with working on an Evidence Definition Record. Evidence Definition Records are the templates that describe the nature of evidence and how hey are related to tasks. The Scheduler uses Evidence Definition records to generate individual Evidence Records associated with individual Tasks.


  1. From the Execute -> Evidence screen, select the Evidence Record that you want to take action on by clicking the Edit Icon before the Evidence Record.

  2. This will open the screen showing the Evidence Record:

  • You are able to modify four fields: 
  • Status, using the drop-down list
  • Assigned To, using the drop-down list
  • Active Flag (toggle on or off) and
  • Notes (free form)
You can also use the ExpandIcon before the Evidence Record to see a list of any Attachments to the Evidence Record and to Add or Delete Attachments