Governance remediation allows a third party, typically a role within your Process Management Group or an Auditor, to review tasks that have been marked as complete and verify them for accuracy and completeness. Tasks that fail the verification process can go into a remediation cycle that will require the user to provide additional information until its deemed to have passed remediation. NOTE: remediation will most likely require users to upload additional pieces of evidence.


Admin, Editor


Pending Verification: The first step is to go to the Remediation tab of Verify. You will be taken to the Pending Verification tab. Other tabs include Pending Remediation and Complete.

  • The pending verification screen shows a list of all governance tasks that have been reported as complete by the user
  • This screen provides an administrator, auditor or other authorized party the ability to review the tasks and mark them as either “Verified Pass” or “Verified Failed.”
  • A task that passes verification moves to “complete” tab while one that fails moves to the “pending remediation” tab

To verify a task open it up by clicking on the edit icon. The Task form will appear. At the bottom of the task form is a checkbox entitled Verified. After reviewing the task and evidence for completeness select either verified pass or verified fail.

A failed task will be moved to the pending remediation page while a task marked as passed will be moved to the complete tab.

You also have the option of adding comments to the task record by clicking on the journal tab of the form.

To add a “journal entry” please select the type (informational or action required), enter a message and select a user (system defaults to the user to which the task was assigned). The selected user will be notified by email.

Some journal entries are added automatically by the system, such as the time the user flagged the task as complete, the time the task was verified, the time remediation began and the time remediation was completed.

Pending Remediation: A task that was flagged as failing verification is automatically moved to Pending Remediation.

  • The pending remediation page contains all the tasks flagged as complete by the user that were verified as failing – most likely due to incomplete or inaccurate evidence
  • This screen provides an administrator, auditor or other authorized parties the ability to manage a dialog with the user until such time as the remediation is deemed complete
The remediation dialog is managed through the Task Journal. The following is an example of an interaction with a user.

Please note that the user can also update the journal, although that is not shown in the example below. All entries to the journal are also sent as emails to the user and or the person who initiated the remediation.

Once the remediation is deemed to be complete, that is, all appropriate evidence / information has been provided, the remediation process can be marked complete.

The remediation status field becomes visible once a task moves to pending remediation. Setting the status to complete will move the task to the Remediation complete tab.

Pending Complete: A task that is flagged has having completed remediation now moves to the Remediation Complete tab.
  • Once the remediation of the task has been deemed as complete, the task is moved to this page
  • All the relevant dates and times are tracked- when the user marked the task complete, when remediation began and when remediation was completed
  • All individual transactions with the user can be found in the journal section of the task form
The following is an example of a task that has moved its way from Pending Verification to Pending Remediation and all the way to Complete. Notice that the journal captured all timestamps.

This example DOES NOT show the user entering Journal entries. However, they definitely can.