The dashboards provide a quick overview of the governance instance


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  • Editor
  • Reviewer


  1. Click on the “Dashboard” link from the “Execute” section of Verify

  2. There are, typically, two tabs for the dashboard, Overview and Performance. Note however, that 2 additional tabs may appear based on what has been created (By Region and By Framework). The overview tab shows statistics on the number of tasks, task completion, distribution of tasks by assignee and distribution of tasks by frequency.  If the instance has been defined with Regions, the By Region tab will show statistics split by Regions defined.  Similarly, if the instance has additional Frameworks defined, the By Framework tab will show statistics split by Framework(s) defined.
  3. The performance tab highlights which process and users are most compliant and least compliant.
  4. You can edit the settings for each of the four reports on the tab. To do so click on the “gear’ icon on the top right corner of the report.
  5. You can change the title of the report as well as the date range that the report covers.
  6. These settings apply only to the logged in user, and the settings are maintained between logins. A sample below: