This is used to create a new Governance Instance in the Verify module either from a Navvia-supplied template or a template created by your organization


Sys Admin only


  1. On the Verify home page, under the My Instances tab; Click on the button  You will get back a screen that looks like this

  2. There are 3 options for the Create an Instance:

    1. from a Navvia Template (the default)
    2. from one of my verify instances
    3. from empty Governance Instance
You will have to give the new Instance a Name, and if you have elected one of the first two options, you will need to select a template from the pull-down list. 
To use a Navvia Template:
  1. Leave the first button selected
  2. Type a Name for your Instance into the Name field
  3. Select a Navvia Template (note that the Governance and Management frameworks are included in the name to facilitate selection)
  4. Click on Next to continue.
  5. If you selected the COBIT 4 / ITIL V3 Governance Instance Framework (a Bound instance) you will be presented with the screen below to choose the Design Workspace to associate with the instance and the processes to manage in the workspace.

There are 2 options:

  • Processes are managed within Design (the default).
  • All processes are externally Defined

For the first option, a Workspace must exist in Design that is either blank or contain processes that are consistent with the Management Framework of the selected Template.


Check the process you will manage in this Instance

Click on Next, to get a list of possible additional processes:

This screen allows you to select additional processes for this Instance. If you check any additional processes here they will be copied into the selected workspace

You can flag a process as “externally defined”. This would mean that you only intend to use Design to manage the Roles for that process.

Assuming that you will not be adding any additional processes, Click on next, to bring you to the Creation Summary screen:

If you selected another Navvia Template than the Cobit5 / ITIL V3 instance you will be creating an unbound instance that is not associated with any design workspace and all the processes listed would be externally defined. 

If you are satisfied with the information in the Summary Click on the Finish button and the new instance will be created and listed under the My Instances tab.

Note: this may take a minute depending on how many processes you included.