Add answers to questions in a Question Set.


Requires a Question Set in a Project


Survey Editor

Sys Admin


  1. Click the Question Set name to be updated.

  2. Then you will see the screen below

  3. On the Question & Answers screen select the to the  left of the question that you want to update. The following ‘Answer’ grid appears. You will see:

  4. Click New Answer on the Action Bar to reveal the following pop-up window

  5. Complete the form and Click OK

  6. Repeat as necessary

Description of Actions

  • New Answer
    • Create a new answer for the question
  • Delete Selected
    • Delete answers that have checkbox selected
  • Re-order
    • Re-order the answers in the list

Description of Column Labels

  • Select All Icon 
    • Use to select all items in the list.
  • Edit 
    • Modify the attributes of the answer
  • A#
    • Reflects the order that answers will appear. Use the Re-Order action to modify.
  • Answer
    • The answer text
  • Score
    • The score associated with the answer
  • NextQ#
    • The next question that will be presented when the particular answer is selected by the assessment taker.
    • NOTE: This is updated under the “Branching” menu option.
  • Prompt
    • The prompt message that will be presented to the assessment taker when this answer is selected

Fields on the "New Answer" form

  • Answer
    • The answer text.
  • Score
    • The score values to be associated with the answer.
  • Prompt
    • The text that will appear as a prompt when the assessment taker selects the answer.
    • This field is optional.