Modify the contents of the greeting and closing messages that are displayed at the start and end of the Question Set.

The Start Message serves as an introduction to the Question Set. The End Message serves as confirmation that the end of the Question Set has been reached and provides an opportunity to thank the assessment taker for participating.


Requires a Question Set in a Project


Survey Editor

Sys Admin


  1. Select the Question Set name to be updated

  2. Then, select the Start & Ending Messages option on the menu bar to reveal edit forms used to modify the content.

  3. . Click the Edit icon to open the form used to modify Start and End content.

  4. Update the content using the editor on the form.
  5. For Open Survey projects, you can optionally collect demographic information from participants. Select the Demographics tab reveal the list of available fields. See Capture Demographic Information .
    1. Notes:
      1. The “Demographics” tab only appears if “Capture Demographics” was selected on the Question Set Description.
      2. The selected fields will appear on the “End Page” of the survey after all questions have been answered.
      3. Each field can be marked “mandatory” which will require data to be entered into the field before proceeding
      4. Demographic information will not be captured if the participant closes the browser window before submitting the demographics page
  6. Click on Update or Cancel.

Field Descriptions

  • Start Content
    • Content is displayed as the first screen when the assessment taker Starts the Question Set.
  • End Content
    • Content is displayed after the assessment taker has completed the Question Set.