Since Open Survey projects to not require that participants have their own Userids, participants can optionally be requested to provide demographic information (e.g., name, job function) after they have finished answering all questions. Choose from a predefined list of demographic details to include in the “End Page” of the survey.


Only available for projects that have “Open Survey” selected in the “Style” field on the Project Definition page

The “Demographic Information” checkbox must be selected on the Question Set definition page


Survey Editor

Sys Admin


  1. Open the Question Set definition and select the Start & End Messages menu option. See Manage Start & End Messages.
  2. Select the Demographics tab.

  3. Select the demographic fields to include on the End Page of the survey by clicking on the corresponding checkbox in the “Requested” column. Optionally, clicking on the corresponding checkbox in the “Mandatory” column will prevent the participant from continuing without completing that field. The fields identified with “drop-down list” will provide a predefined list of choices for that field. These values are standard values common across all Navvia instances. Additional values will be added upon request.

  • The “Demographics” tab only appears if “Capture Demographics” was selected on the Question Set Description
  • First name, last name and Email address fields are selected by default.
  • The selected fields will appear on the “End Page” of the survey after all questions have been answered.
  • Each field can be marked “mandatory” which will require data to be entered into the field before proceeding
  • Demographic information will not be captured if the participant closes the browser window before submitting the demographics page