Run the Question Set in test mode to review the “look and feel” and branching behavior. Provides a checklist of the required elements that must be in place prior to executing the Question Set.


Requires a Question Set in a Project


Survey Editor

Sys Admin


  1. Select the Question Set name to be tested.

  2. Select the Test option on the menu bar to reveal the Question Set checklist.

  3. Click the Test Question Set button display the Question Set in test mode.
    1. If the Test Question Set button is not displayed, there is at least one requirement that has not been completed. Example:

    2. Review the items that have been flagged as incomplete.
    3. Click on the corresponding link under the Corrective Action column to go directly to the requirement that is not complete.
    4. Upon completing all requirements, return to this screen to run the Question Set in test mode.

Description of Requirements

  • At least 1 question has been defined
    • The Question Set must have at least one question defined
  • An End question has been created
    • An “End” question is required as the last question for all Question Sets
  • All questions have at least 1 answer
    • Ensure that each question has at least one answer
  • All answers have a Next Question defined
    • Branching must be defined for all questions
  • The start/end messages for the question set have been set up
    • Start and end messages are displayed at the beginning and end of the Question Set and must be defined before the Question Set can be executed.