Manage Group values that will be used to categorize assessment participants. Groups provide the ability to organize users into categories to enable comparison of assessment results.


  • General
  • SME (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Management


At least one Survey Project

All projects share the same list of Group names

Project style must be “Classic” or “Enhanced”. See Create a New Survey Project.


  • Survey Editor
  • Sys Admin Notes
  • This option is not active for “Open Survey” project


  • This option is not active for “Open Survey” projects.


  1. Click on a Project name.

  2. Click the Groups option located in the second level menu bar. This option is not active for “Open Survey” style projects.
    1. By default, the list is pre-populated with one entry.

  3. Click on New Group action to reveal the form used to add new group values.

  4. . Enter the value to be added and click Create.


  1. The Independent Consultant flag is used to identify that the group will be associated with assessment takers that are outside the organization. The scores captured in the responses made by these individuals will not be included in most score-based reports.
    This allows independent consultants (such as consultants from Navvia) to provide input to the assessment that can be isolated from the scores captured from the general 
    population of participants. This will allow better comparison of results with future assessments since the consultant will not likely be participating in those projects.
  2. To delete a value, click the checkbox associated with the value and then click on Delete Selected.