Add assessment takers to the project and assign them to specific Question Sets. Also, assign the participant to a “Group” category for the specific Question Set.


  • A project with at least one Questions Set
  • Project style must be “Classic” or “Enhanced”. See Create a New Survey Project.
  • Appropriate “Group” categories defined 
  • All participants must be defined to Navvia with unique Userids. Any active user can be added as a Project participant. Users defined as “Assessment Only” do not occupy an Navvia license. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of active Assessment Only users defined to Navvia.

Please refer to the section on User Administration to add and manage Navvia Userids.


  • Survey Editor
  • UserAdmin


This option is not active for “Open Survey” projects.


  1. Click on a Project name.

  2. Click the Participants option located in the second level menu bar to reveal the list of participants associated with the Project.

  3. Click on Add Participants action to reveal the form used to add participants to the project.

  4. Select the desired combination of users, question sets, group and roles.

  5. Click Add to create list of participant records for the project that reflect the participant assignments.

  6. Repeat to add more combinations of participants.

  7. Click Close when finished adding participants.

  8. Repeat from Step 3 to add more participants

Field Descriptions

  • Users
    • List of users defined to the system.
    • All users in the list are eligible to be selected to participate in the assessment project.
      • Select one or more users
  • Question Sets
    • List of all Question Sets currently defined within the assessment project.
    • Select one or more Question Sets
  • Group
    • The list of Group values available to categorize Question Set participants
    • Select only one Group at a time.
  • Role
    • The assessment role that will be assigned to the selected participants. Assessment Taker role can only complete assigned Question Sets.
    • Report Viewer role can also execute and view reports against the assessment project.


To remove a participant from the project, click on the appropriate checkbox to select the record and then click on Remove Selected action.