Format the contents of the email notification message that will be sent to all project participants at initial launch of the project, or, when a reminder is being sent to participants that have not completed assigned Question Sets. Multiple messages can be created and managed. When it comes time to launch the project or send reminder notifications, the desired message is selected from the list of messages created here.


A project with at least one Questions Set.

Project style must be “Classic” or “Enhanced”. See Create a New Survey Project.


Survey Editor

Sys Admin


This option is not active for “Open Survey” projects.


  1. Click on the Project name.

  2. Click the Email Message option located in the second level menu bar to reveal the screen used to manage the email message.

  3. To add a new message, click the New Email Message action to open the form used to create and modify Email message content. To modify an existing message, click on the Edit icon .

  4. Add or update the content using the editor on the form.
  5. Click on Update or Cancel.

Field Descriptions

  • From
    • This email address will appear in the “Reply-to” filed of the notification message. If the recipient selects reply, the reply message will be addressed to the email address provided in this field. By default, the email address associated with the individual that is creating this message is populated in this field. This field can be change to any other valid email address.
    • All email messages generated from Navvia are sent from “noreply@navvia.com”. This will avoid cases where emails are blocked by the recipient’s email security software when the “From” address belongs to a different domain than the mail server that sends the message.
  • Subject
    • The contents of this field will appear in the Subject line of the email message.
  • Receipt on Success
    • If selected, a receipt message confirming delivery of the message will be sent to the email address contained in the From field.
  • Receipt on Failure
    • If selected, a receipt message indicating delivery failure will be sent to the email address contained in the From field.
  • Email Body
    • Enter text to be included in the email notification message sent to assessment project participants


  1. Create any number of email messages. Select the appropriate message when launching the project or when sending notifications to selected participants.
  2. The notification message sent to participants is comprised of two sections. The first section is made up of the contents of the Email Message. The second section contains variable information containing details tailored to each participant in the assessment project. The following are the details included in the variable portion of the email notification message:
    • Name and Userid of the participant
    • Initial password
    • Project Name
    • URL to access Navvia