For “Classic” and “Enhanced” style projects, Launching a project will send the initial notifications to all assessment participants requesting them to complete all assigned Question Sets.

For ”Open Survey” projects, Navvia will present an automatically generated URL that participants will use to gain access to the survey. Navvia does not send notifications to participants since participants are not defined in advance for Open Survey projects.


Active Survey Project

All Question Sets are in Active status

All elements listed in the Launch checklist are correctly specified


Survey Editor

Sys Admin


  1. Click on the Project name.

  2. Then, a list of questions set for the project will be shown

  3. Click the Launch button on the menu

  4. Next, you'll see the launch the project screen

  5. Review the checklist of requirements that must be satisfied before the assessment project is launched. Any items flagged with a red “X” must be addressed before the project can be launched.

  6. Select the email message that will be sent to project participants. Manage Email Message to set up notification messages.

  7. If all requirements are marked complete, click on Launch Project to initiate the launch. For "Classic” and “Enhanced” projects, a confirmation will be presented indicating that notifications are being sent to participants. See Manage Notifications to monitor status of notifications to participants.

    For “Open Survey” projects, the URL for the Question Set will be displayed on the page. Select the URL, then copy into an email message and send to survey participants.


  • The Launch Project button will be hidden as long as there is at least one requirement that is incomplete.
  • Example of items that must be addressed before a project can be launched. 
  • Incomplete requirements are indicated with a red “X”. Click on the corresponding link under Corrective Action to go directly to the screen to resolve the issue.