Manage reminder notifications sent to assessment project participants.

Initial notifications to participants are sent during the launch of the project. This screen provides the capability to selectively send notification messages to individual participants. These can be reminder messages to individuals who have not completed questionnaires, or, to individuals who have been added to the project after the initial launch.


  • Active Survey Project that has been launched.
  • Project style must be “Classic” or “Enhanced”. See Create a New Survey Project.


  • Survey Editor
  • Sys Admin


This option is not active for “Open Survey” projects.


  1. Click on the Project name.

  2. Click the Notifications option located in the second level menu bar to reveal the screen used to manage the notifications

  3. Select the checkbox for each combination of participant and Question Set to be notified. Select as many checkboxes as necessary.

  4. Click on Notify Participants action button. A pop-up will display the notification options.

    1. Notification Options
      1. Notify all individuals who have either not started or not completed all assigned questionnaires
      2. Notify all participants
      3. Notify only selected individuals
      4. Notify only new participants added after the initial launch
  5. Select the message from the list of available email messages

Field description

  • Name
    • Name of the participant
  • UserId
    • Userid associated with the participant
  • Email
    • Email address of the participant
  • Question Set
    • The Question Set assigned to the participant
  • Status - Current status of the question set. Possible values include
    • Not Started
    • Not Completed
    • Completed
  • Notified
    • Checkmark indicates the participant has been notified at least once
  • Notify Date
    • Date of most recent notification
    • Blank if no notification has been sent