View the summary of progress and results of the assessment project.


Active Survey Project that has been launched


  • Survey Editor
  • Sys Admin


  1. Click on the Project name

  2. Click the Dashboard option located in the second level menu bar to reveal the screen used to view the dashboard.

  3. Then, you will be presented with the dashboard

Dashboard Contents

  • Project Progress
    • Displays all Question Sets included in the project. Includes a breakdown of status: Not Started, Not Completed, and Completed.
  • Distribution by Group
    • Breakdown of all participants categorized by the Group assignments. Indicates relative size of membership in each group.
  • Maturity by Question Set
    • Displays all Question Sets included in the project along with the calculated score associated with the Question Set.
    • Only completed Question Sets are included in the summary


Three standard graphs are presented in the dashboard. The graphs are read-only