Metrics are used for the quantitative and periodic assessment of a process. They should be associated with targets that are set based on specific business objectives. Metrics provide information related to the goals and objectives of a process and are used to take corrective action when desired results are not being achieved and can be used to drive continual improvement of process effectiveness and efficiency.




Editor, Workspace User Admin


1. Click on the Edit edit button.png icon to update the Metric or New Metric to create a new one

2. Update all fields

3. Select Create or Update to apply the changes

4. Select New from Common (to select an output from a common list of metrics that may have been identified in other processes)

5. Select Copy to apply the changes



Field Descriptions

  • Name: Provide a brief and meaningful name for this metric
  • Description: Provide a detailed description for this metric
  • Category: Provide a category for this metric Choose from a dropdown list consisting of Compliance, Effectiveness, Efficiency etc.
  • Type: Provide a type for this metric e.g. number, percentage etc.
  • Measurement Procedure: Provide a Measurement Procedure for this metric. Describe how the measures are obtained and used in the calculation of the metric.
  • Supporting Details: Provide supporting information that will help define the Metric 
  • Opportunity for defect: Describe how this metric is used to identify defects or weaknesses in the process. For example, is a high value 'good' or is a 'low' value good? Are there any thresholds that ought to trigger follow-ˇup actions?
  • Notes: Provide additional details for this metric
  • Common: Check if this metric is suitable for use in other processes