Policies outline a set of plans or courses of action that are intended to influence and determine decisions or actions of a process. Policies provide an element of governance over the process that provides alignment to business vision, mission and goals.




Editor, Workspace User Admin


1. Click on the Edit edit button.png icon to update the Metric or New Metric to create a new one

2. Update all fields

3. Select Create or Update to apply the changes

4. Select New from Common (to select an output from a common list of metrics that may have been identified in other processes)

5. Select Copy to apply the changes



Field Descriptions

  • Name: Provide a brief and meaningful name for this statement
  • Statement: The Policy Statement
  • Rationale: Why this Policy has been implemented
  • Governance Item: The governance method that enforces the Policy Select from a dropdown list consisting of Governance Points, Accuracy and Completeness, Adherence, Process Assessment,Orientation, Mentoring
  • Exceptions: Identify the circumstances under which the Policy is not enforced
  • Value: Provide a value statement in support of the Policy
  • Common: Check if this policy is suitable for use in other processes