Process governance defines the authority and oversight that is required to assure that the process is fulfilling its goals and objectives. Governance consists of the set of guidelines and resources that an organization uses to facilitate collaboration, communication and conformance. Process governance covers process ownership and management, process communication, process tool development and feedback (reporting) mechanisms. Governance ensures that everyone is complying with the policies and procedures of the process.


Roles and metrics defined.


Editor, Workspace User Admin


1. Click on the Edit edit button.png icon to update the Governance statement or New Governance action to create a new entry.

2. Update all fields

3. Select Create or Update to apply the changes

4. Select New from Common (to select an output from a common list of metrics that may have been identified in other processes)

5. Select Copy to apply the changes



Field Descriptions

  • Name: Give a name to the new Governance Statement
  • Statement: The Governance Statement
  • Rationale: Provide reasoning behind the implementation of this governance implemented
  • Method: Define the method used to monitor adherence to this governance statement
  • Role: Select the role who will have responsibility for this Governance statement
  • Frequency: How often should checks be performed (i.e. daily, semi-ˇannually etc.)?
  • Related Metric: Which metric will be associated with this Governance statement?
  • Common: Select if this a common Governance statement that may be copied into other process definitions in the workspace