To-Do List


Provides the capability to create a list of tasks that must be performed to configure or customize the software tool and perform all steps necessary to roll out the process implementation.

All Data Specifications and Tool Specifications are automatically added as individual items in the to-do list. Items can be manually added to address additional tasks that must be performed as part of the implementation and rollout.

Each item can be assigned to a specific Navvia user. These can be “Basic” users, which means they do not occupy any of the subscription licenses. Users who have been assigned items from the To-Do list will be able to see these on the “My Development Tasks” tab on the Navvia Home Page.


  • Document work instructions and procedures
  • Create training materials
  • Conduct training sessions


  • Data Specifications
  • Tool Specifications


Editor, Workspace User Admin

Steps to Create or Update To-ˇdo Items

1. Click New To-Do Item to create a new one or, click on the Edit edit button.png icon to update an existing item

2. Update all fields

3. Select Create or Update to apply the changes



Field Descriptions

  • Name: Provide a name for the To-Do item
  • Description: Describe the purpose for the item
  • Level of Effort: Enter the level of effort for the item Enter number of days to 2 decimal places. Example: 1.25 days
  • Assigned To: Select the user from the list of NAVVIA users. “Standard” users and “Basic” users can be assigned to the item
  • Status: Select the value that represents the current state of the To-Do list item
  • Priority: Select the value to represent the relative priority or importance of this item
  • Assigned On: Enter the date that the item was assigned
  • Due By: Enter the date that the item is due to be completed
  • Completed: On Enter the date that the item has been completed