This section covers all types of reports and documents produced by Design. The following lists the options available for managing and generating Design documents.

Process ExportGenerate a process document in MS Word compatible format. Process documents are generated through profiles.

A profile stores options that control the format and content of the Word document that can be generated for each process. Options include:

• Font style and size
• List numbering
• Including or omitting sections
• Adding custom sections
• Re-naming section headings

Boilerplates are the blocks of text that describe or introduce each section of the process when creating the Export to Word document. This data will be presented at the beginning of each section in the printed report.
Technical Design Document
Generates the Technical Design Document (TDD). The TDD is a multi-tabbed Excel file that contains all details captured under the Specifications page.
State Diagrams
View the State Diagrams defined under the Specifications page
Contains the pre-defined reports available to run against a specific process definition
Navvia Essentials
The pages listed within this section are the pages displayed within the Navvia Essentials interface. They are provided here so that the process outputs that are presented to Navvia Essentials users can be viewed by Standard and Basic users.
  • Flow: Display the process Workflow diagrams.  Displayed in “read-only “mode. No changes to the process can be made from this page
  • RA(S)CI Chart: Generates and displays the RA(S)CI chart for the process
  • MindMap: Provides 3 Level 0 diagrams, showing varying degrees of detail and all details on one diagram in MindMap format
  • Document: Generates and displays the process document utilizing the default profile got NE Users