Generate a TDD (Technical Design Document) containing all items captured under the Specifications page.

The TDD is an Excel file containing multiple tabs corresponding to the specification type. See Produce TDD in the Specifications section for details on contents of the TDD.



These are all of the reports available for the Design module. If the report Description ends with 3 dots (...) hover over the text to see the complete description. Click on the Name of a report to launch it. The report will appear in a new window.




Editor, UserAdmin


1. Click on the view   to view the report details

Note: Browser “pop-ups” must be enabled. Most browsers will allow you to specifically allow pop-ups from

2. View all fields

3. To run the report, select the report by clicking on the Report name. The report will be generated and presented on your screen

4. Click on the Export icon to export the report in a number of different formats

5. If you wish to run the same report for another process, select it from the dropdown list beside Process ID, then View Report


There may be more items than are visible on the screen at the onset. Change the number of items that can be viewed or navigate to the next page by using the Pager at the bottom on your screen:

Field Descriptions

Field Label Description Remarks (optional)
Name Provide a brief and meaningful name for this requirement

Description A detailed description of the general tool requirement

Priority The priority of this tool implementation in relation to other requirements
Select from a dropdown list of priorities (1,2,3,4,5)
Phase The phase of the project that will address this requirement

Common Check if this state is suitable for use in other processes