Update existing questions in a Question Set. Although you may have created a Question Set from a Navvia template or your own template, there is a possibility that you may want to update questions before launching the assessment project.


Requires a Question Set in a Project


  • Survey Editor
  • Sys Admin


Click the Question Set name you wish to update.

    1. Note: Clicking on the Edit icon will open a pop-up window that will allow you update the Name, Description and Status of the Question Set.

    2. Select the Edit  icon to modify a Question and you will see the following screen

    3. Edit the content and click Update

Field Descriptions

  • Question Number
    • The number reflects the current place of the question within the question set. This is a read-only field. Use the “Re-order” function on the previous screen to change the order of questions.
  • Abstract
    • Contains the question text that is displayed in the list of questions appearing on the previous screen. Typically, the wording matches exactly the wording that appears in the “Question Presentation” field below. Mandatory Field
  • Domain
    • Select the appropriate category associated with the question. For process maturity question sets, questions are allocated across three domains: People, Process, and Technology. Other values are provided for use with question sets designed for other purposes. Mandatory field
  • Weight
    • Assign the relative weight of the question. When reporting results of score-based question sets, the score value is multiplied by the weight.
  • Question Presentation
    • A rich text editor provides flexibility in formatting the presentation of the question. Mandatory field.