Add new questions to a Question Set. You can add questions to an existing template or when creating a new Question Set.


Requires an existing Project


  • Survey Editor
  • Sys Admin


  1. Click the Question Set name you wish to update.

    1. Click on the Edit icon will open a pop-up window that will allow you update the Name, Description and Status of the Question Set.

  2. Notes
    1. For new Question Sets, the list will be empty
    2. The ‘bread crumb’ trails identifying where you are.
    3. The icons to create a ‘New Question’, “Delete Selected’ Questions and the ability to ‘Reorder’ the Questions
  3. Click on New Question to open the following screen


  • All Question Sets must have an “End” question as the last question.
  • To add an “End” question, follow these steps:
    • Click New Question action 
    • Enter “End” into the Abstract field
    • Enter “End” into the Question Presentation field
    • Click Create.