Update existing answers for the questions in a Question Set. Although you may have created a question set from a Navvia template or your own template, there is a possibility that you may want to update the answers before launching the project.


Requires a Question Set in a Project


  • Survey Editor
  • Sys Admin


  1.  Click the Question Set name to be updated.

  2. On the Question & Answers screen select the to the left of the question that you want to update. The following ‘Answer’ grid appears. You will see

  3. Select the Edit  icon to edit an Answer.

  4. Review and/or Edit the Answer text. Use the editor functions to adjust text format such as bold, underscore and size

  5. Review and/or select the Score value from the choice list

  6. Review and/or Edit the Prompt text if desired. If you wish to add a prompt for additional details, select the Prompt for Details checkbox.

  7. Click the Details Optional checkbox if the assessment taker is not required to provide additional details before advancing to the next question.

Description of column labels

  • Answer
    • Enter the text for the answer. User available editing functions to tailor the appearance of the answer text. Examples: bold, underscore, font size.
  • Score
    • Select the score value from the choice list
  • Prompt for Details
    • Select the checkbox if the participant will be asked to provide additional details when this answer is selected.
  • Prompt
    • Enter text for the prompt that will be displayed when this answer is selected.
  • Details Option
    • Check this flag to allow the participant to proceed to the next question without providing additional details. If left unchecked, the participant must provide additional details before proceeding to the next question.