The Project Level menu options are displayed once you select a project from the Survey home page.

Survey Upper Tool Bar Descriptions

Option Description
Project Description An editable listing of Projects that you can access
Question Sets An editable listing of Question Sets for one project
Groups An editable listing of people/organization groups to facilitate effective assessment reporting (Inactive for ‘Open” type projects.)
Participants  An editable listing the available staff & management to be selected for an assessment (Inactive for ‘Open” type projects.)
Email Message An editable form for the email invitation messages (Inactive for ‘Open” type projects.)
Launch The controls and checklist to launch a project
Notifications Manage notifications to assessment takers (Inactive for ‘Open” type projects.)
Dashboard Graphical view of the real time assessment project progress
Project Reports Reports to display and analyze results of the assessment project


When expanded – most top-row Tool Bar items have a second row of options. E.g., Question Set Description.