Describe the functions to be implemented into the software tool that will be used to support the execution of process after implementation. The tool specifications gathered here are included in the TDD (Technical Design Document) that is generated by Design. 

To achieve optimum benefits, a process must be “embedded” into the tool. This linkage between process and tool is the most effective way of ensuring process conformance and efficiency.


- Activity 

- Task


Editor, Workspace User Admin


1. Click on the Edit icon to update the Tool Specification or New Tool Specification to create a new one

2. Update all fields

Details tab

Implementation Technique Tab

3. Select Create or Update to apply the changes 

4. Select New from Common action to select an item from a list of Tool Specifications from other process definitions that have been identified as a common item.

5. Select Copy to apply the changes

Field Descriptions

Details Tab

  • Name
    • Provide a name for this data item.
  • Description 
    • A detailed description of the general tool requirement
  • Common
    • Identify this field as a common item that can be copied to other processes within the same workspace using the “New From Common” action
Implementation Feature Type

  • Feature Type
    • Select the value that best describes the category of tailoring or customization that will be required within the software tool to implement this item 
      • Value “Configuration / Tailoring” is intended to represent cases where the implementation can be accomplished using basic configuration features available within the software tool.

        Value “Customization” is intended to represent cases where implementation will require special coding or steps that fall beyond the basic configuration capabilities provided by the software tool
  • Implantation Details
    •  Describe the techniques or approach that will be used to implement the requirement in the software tool