Import spreadsheets that capture additional technical specifications. Examples: 

  • Assignment Rules 
  • Assignment Group Names 

Spreadsheets can be imported from existing Excel files. Spreadsheets can be included in the TDD document as a separate tab. 


• None


Editor, Workspace User Admin

Steps to add a Spreadsheet

1. Click New Spreadsheet to add a new single spreadsheet to the Navvia TDD workbook

2. Update all fields

3. Select Create to add the spreadsheet

Field Descriptions

  • Name
    • Provide a name for the spreadsheet
  • Description
    • Describe the purpose for the spreadsheet
  • Include in TDD
    • Indicates whether the spreadsheet will be included in the TDD document
      • Always On
  • File to Upload
    • Click on this field to upload an existing spreadsheet from an external Excel file.
      • If the external Excel file contains multiple tabs, only the first tab will be uploaded