Create a New Process Using a Navvia Template



An active workspace


Workspace User Admin or Workspace Editor



1. Select ‘New Process’ from the nested grid for the workspace you wish to hold the process to get the ‘New Process’ pop-up box


           2. Select radio button: Create a new process from a Navvia template
        Then click on the drop down Select a Process to get the list of Template libraries available. 
        Expand the list of processes in the library you want to get the template from and select the process template name you want to copy to your           workspace.



        3. The selected process is populated with it’s default information and the Active box is checked by default.
     Select Create and the process will be copied to the workspace.
    Note: if the process is not ready to be utilized at this time De-select the active box. The process will then only be visible by the UserAdmin for 

                     the workspace when they choose the ‘Display Inactive processes for the workspace.





Field Descriptions

Field Label


Remarks (optional)

Navvia Library

A list of available libraries to select from



A listing of all the processes within the Library

If a process has already been created for this workspace, it will not appear on the list


A listing of Statuses for the process

The status of the process should be changed as required to indicate if it’s under development (default), Not Loaded, in Production, etc.


Enter a prefix that will be concatenated in front of Activity and Task ID numbers to assist in identification of these items.


Prefix = INC (for Incident Management)


Task ID 2.1 will be displayed as:

 INC 2.1


A detailed description of the Process



The version of the process



The Scope for the process

You may want to identify the scope of the process (e.g. Incident Management process to be invoked for all calls to the Service Desk at Location xyz)


Checkbox to indicate if the process is currently active or not