While copying process templates from Navvia is a great place to start, you may have some processes of your own that you would like to modify as the result of a review but you still want to keep the current production version as it is.  

Copying the production version of your process to another workspace accommodates this.

  • Note: access to the Copy capability is governed by the Role assigned to the UserId.  To be able to copy a process you must have an Editor role or higher.


Existing Workspace with defined processes

Editor role or higher for the receiving workspace



Workspace Editor

Workspace User Admin




1. Select ‘New Process’ from the nested grid for the workspace you wish to copy the process to in order to get the ‘New Process’ pop-up box


    2. Select radio button: Create a process from another workspace
Then click on the drop down Select a Process to get the list of workspaces available to you to copy ta process from.


  3. Expand the workspace that you want to copy from and select the process name you want to copy.


4. Field values will be automatically be filled in. You may make changes if required.  Select ‘Create’ and the process will be copied.