• An active Process Definition 


Workspace User Admin, System Administrator


Document sharing allows you to create a URL for a process that can be shared with anybody, even individuals without a Navvia user id.  Clicking on the URL causes the most current version of the document to be rendered in a browser as a PDF file.  The PDF can then be downloaded onto a desktop from the browser.

It's important to note that there is no need to change the URL when the process is updated.  Clicking on the URL causes the most current version of the process to load.   

Use Cases:

  • Create a URL that can be placed in tools like SharePoint, ServiceNow or any other ITSM tool or website.  There is no requirement to log into Navvia to access the document
  • Paste a URL into an email or text message and send to anyone needing to access the process document, even someone without a Navvia user id.  There is no requirement to log into Navvia to access the document 

Document shares can be created and managed by either a workspace user admin or system administrator.

Security Implications:

Document sharing is deactivated by default for your organization and must be enabled by your system administrator.  Your system administrator can also enforce the use of a complex password for the document share, requiring anyone clicking on the link to know the password.

Activating Document Sharing:

To enable document sharing your organization's system administrator must navigate to Administration => Document Sharing.

  • Check Enable Document Sharing to activate this feature for your organization 
  • Check Make Password Mandatory to enforce the use of a password for all document shares

Creating or Editing a Document Share:

A document share is based on a combination of a process and a Word Export Profile (see the article :

Process Document Export).  The process is formatted by the word export profile and the share is based on that formatted process.

You can create a share for any combination of process and profile. 

Only workspace user admins can create a share. To create a share do the following:

1. Select and open the desired process  

2. Navigate to Documents & Reports ==> Word Export

3. You will see a list of document profiles that you can use to create the share.  For example Navvia - Complete Process Document.  

    NOTE: you can create your own word export profiles.  Learn more in the 'Process Document Export' article.

4. In the column "Share Document" (providing sharing has been enabled AND you are a workspace user admin) you will see one of two icons.  

    The icon signifies a share can be created while the icon signifies a share exists and can be edited.

5. To create or edit the share click on the appropriate icon.  The following pop-up will appear:

6.  The pop-up will display the current workspace and process name. 

  • Enter an optional Expiration Date.  Use this if you want the document share to expire at some point in the future, for example if you want to give temporary access to the share.
  • Enter a password (minimum 6 characters plus 1 symbol).  Passwords are optional unless your system administrator has opted for mandatory passwords.  

7. Click on the share button to create the URL.  The URL will appear in the Document URL field.  Click on theIcon to copy the URL into the clipboard.  

    You can then paste the URL into an email, text message, website, ITSM knowledge base, SharePoint site, etc...

8. Follow steps 1-7 to edit an existing document share.

What the end-user sees:

The end-user will access the link (in a text message, email, website, etc.) and click on it.  If a password is required they will see the following pop-up:

TIP: You should never send the password in the same email or text message.  Provide the password via an alternative secure method.

Enter the correct password and Navvia will generate the most current version of the document in the browser.  You will see theicon while waiting for the document to render.




The workspace user admin can create and edit document shares for their own processes as described above.  The system administrator can edit and manage document shares for the entire organization.

To do so the system administrator navigates to the Administration ==> Document Sharing ==> Sharing tab: 

There is an option to either delete or edit a document share.  Selecting edit brings up the following pop-up:

The system administrator can change the word profile, add or change an expiration date, modify the password or deactivate the share.  Clicking on Update commits the changes while Cancel exits without a save.