There are 3 types of user licenses in Navvia.

They are:  1. A Standard User - These users have editing privileges and are able to edit diagrams. Typically, each Navvia license comes with 10 Standard Users. Once you have designated 10 users Standard Users, you cannot assign any more unless you buy more Standard User Licenses.   

                 2. A Basic User - These are users who CANNOT edit diagrams, only view them. They also see the same UI (User Interface) as Standard Users. You can have a unlimited amount of Basic Users.

                 3. Navvia Essentials User - These are users, who like Basic Users, CANNOT edit diagrams. The difference between a Navvia Essentials user and a Basic User is that Navvia Essentials users gets a more simplified UI 

                    (User Interface) of Navvia.  


To convert a Basic or a Navvia Essentials to a standard user, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Administration. 

2. Find the user you want to change into a Basic User using either the Name column, UserID column, or Email column

3. Once you have found the user you would like to convert, press the edit icon.

4. After pressing the edit icon, check the radio button beside Standard User, and press Update. 

5.  As long as you have not hit the typical limit of 10 Standard Users, the Basic/Navvia Essentials users should now be a Standard User.