We continue to work to improve the Navvia Process Designer.  This release introduces new functionality for documenting your processes, including addressing some Export capabilities.


New features being introduced:

  • Level 0 diagramming - this feature allows you to view your overall activities within a process in one "picture".  Using the MindMap functionality, you can view all activities on the Level 0 tab.  2 other tabs show variations on this map - one with inter-processes, the other with tasks within each activity.  You have the ability to display in vertical or horizontal orientation, with a slider bar for zooming sizes.  You have the ability to export each of these formats to PDF.  Note that the All tab is the MindMap display that you have seen in the past.
  • Generating the Process document improvements - in conjunction with the Level 0 diagramming, we're introducing a new release of the Export profiles (Version 4).  A new Navvia Essentials version 4 format is also available.  This also has a potential impact on your document sharing capabilities.  You can continue to use previous release versions of the profiles.  Using the new version's template, you have the ability to turn on the Level 0 diagram into your process document.  By default, the option for the inclusion of the Level 0 diagram is Off.  To start to use it, you will need to update the profile's Section Options to turn it On.
  • To improve upon the generation of the process document by standardizing the indentation and spacing of each paragraph to make all documents look cleaner.  We've also removed some of the predefined page breaks.  We have the removed the "Mandatory" requirement for the entry in the boilerplate for all sections.  The result of these changes is intended to streamline your generation of the document - thus generating a smaller document.  This functionality improvement will impact all existing documents too as we have removed some section titles from the printed document (i.e., if the description of "Custom Section 1" was the same as the title, we've stripped this out).  It's only affecting those sections where the predefined section name in Navvia is the exact same as the description within that section.  If you've modified the boilerplate entry for any section (e,g., renaming "Custom Section 1" to "My first section"), it will not be impacted.